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Tilton Coffered Ceilings, Inc. (TCC) provides a Limited Five (5) Year Warranty to the original purchaser of its materials and/or any products it has fabricated from those materials at any of its manufacturing facilities when used for their intended and respective purposes.

This Limited Five (5) Year Warranty provides that the material supplied by and any joinery performed by TCC in the fabrication of components will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use. Upon presentation of defective product and proof of original purchase, TCC will supply replacement material and/or fabricate new components to repair and/or replace defective features as purchased by the original customer.

If a defect is found in a TCC product and the above conditions have been met, the original customer should notify TCC in writing and send pictures to document the defect, within thirty (30) days of discovering the defect. The customer may be required to return the product to TCC (at the customer's expense) for evaluation. TCC will then review the situation and determine if replacement or repair of the product is appropriate.

This warranty does not include and/or cover any joinery made in the field by others, any labor costs associated with installation and/or removal of the product, any transportation costs associated with packaging and/or shipping the product or any other expenses of any kind incurred in connection with the purchase, use or installation and/or removal of the product. Furthermore, this warranty does not include damages to and/or changes in the product resulting from acts of God and/or nature including, but not limited to color fade/change from prolonged exposure to sunlight and/or extreme temperatues, expansion and/or contraction due to temperature and/or humidity changes and/or those naturally occuring in organic materials (i.e. wood) such as sap seepage, tannin stains, cupping, warpage etc.

Replacement or repair is at the sole discretion and exclusive option of the manufacturer under this limited warranty.