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President, Inventor & Ceiling Treatment Designer

Tilton Coffered Ceilings
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Jason Tilton grew up inspired by the stately Gold Coast homes on Long Island, NY, and has spent over two decades as a leading innovator in the field of interior residential remodeling and enhancement. His specialty is in the design and application of high-end custom moldings and millwork.

Over the years, his projects have developed a reputation for superior design and workmanship that combines beauty with practicality.For the first 10 years, Jason devoted his time to the management and growth of his first venture Fanatic Finish, Inc. Fanatic Finish a remodeling company focused solely on enhancing residential interiors through the design and implementation of decorative moldings & millwork. As the founder and owner of Fanatic Finish Jason always sought out and embraced the newest and brightest innovations in the industry. His favorite innovations have always been those which have enabled him to provide his clients with the highest quality results Quickly and Easily.


The establishment of Tilton Coffered Ceilings, Inc. was born out of Jason's desire to provide clients with minimally invasive options for high-end coffered ceiling treatments that would eliminate all of the uncertainties and drawbacks of the conventional fabrication process. No truly viable solution existed, so Jason had the opportunity to be innovative in his own right and ultimately to invent both the patented Tilton Box Beam Coffered Ceiling System as well as it's Shallow Beam Coffered Ceiling Kit counterpart. Both of which combine the authenticity of ‘old world’ craftsmanship with modern manufacturing efficiencies and techniques.

The decorative Ceiling, Wall & Floor Treatments Jason and his team provide need only basic carpentry skills and tools to install, yet achieve a level of beauty and refinement previously only attainable, through exhaustive and time consuming on-site fabrication and installation methods. Tilton Coffered Ceilings has modernized these outdated processes to make them less intimidating to the consumer.

Tilton Coffered Ceilings is an enterprise that involves innovative and industry-changing decorative building materials built on a strong foundation of traditional values. Jason brings deep industry knowledge, specialized craftsmanship skills, and years of successful experience managing projects in the Northeast and across the nation. He is confident that Tilton Coffered Ceilings can help you create beautiful Ceiling, Wall & Floor Treatments easier than ever before.